Hebrew Roots Bible Study

HRBS (Hebrew Roots Bible Study) is a gathering of believers from the central San Joaquin Valley who meet together for weekly Shabbats and observe the Biblical Feasts together. We began meeting in 1999 because we wanted to study scripture without any preconceived ideas. We quickly realized that, in our search for truth, we needed to take off our “Greek glasses” and look at scripture through a “Hebrew perspective” – hence our name, “HRBS”, “Hebrew Roots Bible Study”. We were amazed at how the scriptures came to life even though most of us had been believers from our youth. When we started putting away the traditions of men that many of us had been raised with, living out our faith in accordance with Yeshua’s example, and implementing the same standards in our lives that He lived by, we realized a peace that we had never known before.

In addition to meeting for Shabbats/Feasts/New Moons, we have the privilege of hosting a Matzot, a Shavuot and a Sukkot gathering in Orosi, CA, Messiah West Coast (a Messianic youth camp for youth 13-18), and Growing in Torah (a training program for Torah-observant, college-age young adults). For more information, feel free to browse our site.