Our Food

Vegetables: We grow a wide range of non-hybrid, heirloom, and open-pollinated vegetables. That means these vegetables will reproduce like kind. We like to look at it like this; “They have all the building blocks to sustain life within them just like we should, too”. Highly nutritious, they all have the “old world” flavors like you are used to with heirloom tomatoes. We care for our soil. Truly, the foundation of quality produce starts with soil that has everything it needs, and we use only all natural inputs – never any synthetic pesticides.


Poultry: Our flock of pasture-raised New Hampshire Reds produces beautiful eggs and meat. They are a heritage breed that are considered multi-purpose. They are supplemented with Organic feed and garden scraps, and are a gentle, healthy bird that we enjoy raising.


Our Bread: There is nothing like fresh-ground, fresh-baked, locally grown wheat bread. Did you know that grains are one of the most nutritionally dense foods there are, and they can lose up to 90% of vitamins and minerals within three days of grinding? All our grains are ground and made into bread within minutes just as mankind has done from the beginning of time. “Give us this day our daily bread.” Mt. 6:11
We grow a variety of wheat called “White Sonora” which was brought to the area by Spanish missionaries in 1691. It is one of the best tasting breads that we have ever had here at the farm.


Our Sheep: Our flock of New Mexico Dahl sheep is definitely growing! The New Mexico Dahl is considered a “hair” sheep. The meat is very tender and never “gamey”. As with all of our animals, we do not use steroids or antibiotics.