What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a reciprocal relationship between the CSA members, the farmers and the land. As a member, your share will be supporting the farmers and the farm to produce an abundance of fresh, healthy food through the seasons. You will have the opportunity to take home your choice of delicious food each week as well as form a relationship with the people who grow your food and the land from which it all came. Your commitment to this relationship allows us to make accurate plans for the growing season, to focus most of our time and energy on farming, and to connect directly to the community for which we are raising food.

How does it work?
1. Purchase a share
Become a member of the CSA by purchasing a share for a season. We aim to provide you with all your vegetables for the week and hopefully excess to preserve, as well as pick your own flowers and herbs.

Membership Agreement

2. Pick up your choice of produce (and more) weekly at the farm.
You can pick up produce at the farm either Sunday or Thursday from 2:30-6:30 PM in the summer, and 2:30-6 PM in the winter. The freshly harvested produce will be displayed on large tables in our big tent. There will be a wide selection of vegetables and more. Members will be able to take what you will eat in a week. You will also be able to harvest some of your own flowers, herbs, and vegetables. We will provide tools for harvesting and guidance.

Each week, we create a newsletter with a pick list, farm news and recipes. It will also be posted on our blog.

3. Enjoy connection to the farm, the community, and the land.
When you come to the farm, a farmer will be working nearby to answer any questions and offer assistance. If you have the time, we encourage you to relax at the farm, enjoy the beauty of the space and to interact with other members. We will have picnic tables set up and space for children to play near the pick up area. Just as we hope to increase the diversity of plant and animal life on the farm, we look forward to sharing this place with our members and our community. The farm comes alive with more activity!

After you’ve filled out and sent in the Membership Agreement¬† you can make your payment by clicking the “Make Payment”¬† button below.