Safe Haven Fellowship

Safe Haven Fellowship is a gathering of believers from the central San Joaquin Valley who meet together for weekly Shabbats and observe the Biblical Feasts together. We began meeting in 1999 because we wanted to study scripture without any preconceived ideas. We quickly realized that, in our search for truth, we needed to take off our “Greek glasses” and look at scripture through a “Hebrew perspective”.  We were amazed at how the scriptures came to life even though most of us had been believers from our youth. When we started putting away the traditions of men that many of us had been raised with, living out our faith in accordance with Yeshua’s example, and implementing the same standards in our lives that He lived by, we realized a peace that we had never known before.

You are welcome to join us!  We are located at Safe Haven Farms in Orosi, CA.  We meet every Saturday at 4PM (9AM in the heat of summer).  We start our time of fellowship with praise and then study scripture.  Afterwards we join one another for a pot luck meal (biblically clean food) and finish up with a time of prayer.

41781 Rd. 142 Orosi, CA 93647

For more information please email Bryan or Karla Barnes at or call 559-859-4511 or 559-859-4512