Shavuot Conference in Orosi is May 16th – 20th



Please Read the full document including the Feast Rules at the bottom which you will have to sign that you have read later on in the registration process.

Registration is mandatory whether you are coming one day or all the days, because we expect to be at full capacity.  Because this celebration is taking place at a 10 acre residence, we do not have the ability to have a very large crowd and therefore must limit the registrations.  So it is mandatory that you register, and best if you register early.  After you have registered, please let us know immediately if you realize you can’t make it so we can give your spot/s to someone else.

Registration Fee:

The registration fee is $60/person for up to 5 people who live in the same household. (More than 5 in the same immediate family household are free). Children 5 years and under are free.  There is also a $10/night fee to those staying in RVs and $5/night for each tent to help cover the extra cost of electricity and space used.  These fees help cover the minimal costs for food, electricity, propane etc.


We want to encourage all who come to take in consideration additional monies  for a gift.  We feel that scripture supports each of us making the preparations for this.  Imagine, if you will, going to Jerusalem.  As the scripture below indicates, you would be taking with you a gift in accordance with how you have been blessed throughout the year.  As you can understand the fees that we charge are minimal amount just to make this happen, so any additional gifts really are a blessing to make this event a joy to all.


“You shall count seven weeks. Begin to count the seven weeks from the time the sickle is first put to the standing grain. 10 Then you shall keep the Feast of Weeks to the YHWH your Elohim with the tribute of a freewill offering from your hand, which you shall give as the YHWH your Elohim blesses you. 11 And you shall rejoice before YHWH your Elohim, you and your son and your daughter, your male servant and your female servant, the Levite who is within your towns, the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow who are among you, at the place that YHWH your Elohim will choose, to make his name dwell there. 12 You shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt; and you shall be careful to observe these statutes.

16 “Three times a year all your males shall appear before YHWH your Elohim at the place that he will choose: at the Feast of Matzot, at the Feast of Shavuot, and at the Feast of Sukkot. They shall not appear before YHWH empty-handed. 17 Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God that he has given you.

All that to say:

Please bring, (or send in advance), a gift of money (this is over and above the registration fee) in accordance with the scripture above, and I know YHWH will bless us with a fantastic celebration.  We will be giving all an opportunity to present the gift on the night the men “present” themselves.  We do this as best as we can to keep the command.

Please Note: You need to register even if you are only spending a few evenings with us.  No one is allowed in the camp without registering.  This is for planning and security reasons.  The registration fee covers you for one day, or every day.

Arrival & Departure Times/Address:

Arrival time for Shavuot 2024 is at noon or after, on May 16th .  Departure is no later than May 20th  at noon.

The address is: 41781 Road 142 Orosi, CA 93647

Upon Arrival:

Upon arrival, please proceed directly to the “Check In” booth located directly across from the parking lot.  Tenters, please check in prior to setting up your tent.  RVrs please park your RV in the designated spot and then check in prior to setting up your RV.


You will be given the opportunity to purchase these shirts as an additional item to your registration fee.

We do not provide any disposable cups, so it is very important for you to bring a cup if you do not purchase one.   All T-shirts will be 100% cotton.  The sweatshirts may be a cotton/polyester blend.


We are providing two meals a day, a breakfast and dinner.  There is no charge for either of these meals, but again we ask you to consider a donation that reflects this.  Remember ice for coolers is available at the corner market only a ¼ mile away.  The ice machine in the drink area is for use by the kitchen and for your drinks if you like, but please don’t use it for you coolers.

If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry, we always have a lot of salad and fruit available, and will plan the main dishes with options as well.  If your dietary needs go beyond that, i.e. Vegan or strictly Kosher, (we will serve “Biblically clean food”, not necessarily Rabbinically Kosher food) you might want to bring some of your own food.  Keep in mind that our refrigeration capacity is very limited so you should also plan on bringing some type of cooler.  There is a country market that sells ice about a quarter mile away and a Wal-Mart not much farther than that.  It is very important that you bring your own plates, bowls, and eating utensils, because none will be provided.  We will provide sinks and detergent for you to wash your own dishes.  Plan on having some “kitchen duty”.  This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the Feasts….working with and getting to know each other better.


We strongly encourage you to make other arrangements for pets at home, but if that is not possible, there are a few simple rules. . All pets must remain on a leash at all times when not in your tent or trailer.  You may bring a small “dog run” to keep them penned in if you would like.  They are not allowed in the common areas at any time. (Meeting tent, kitchen or eating area).   There will be a designated area for “potty walks”. If your dog has a tendency to bark when there is a lot of commotion, or when people are walking by your tent or rv, please make other arrangements or you will be asked to move to the other side of the property.


If you do not plan on camping with us, there are two nice hotels only 10 min. from our site.  Here is the information you will need to make a reservation with them.

Best Western Americana Inn

1450 S Alta Ave
Dinuba, CA 93618-3802
(559) 595-8401

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites


Hotel Front Desk: 559-595-1500 | Hotel Fax: 559-595-1515


We do have designated RV parking.  Our parking area is not fancy, but you are welcome to bring your RV.  This year we are having to implement a $10/night fee to help defray our costs and space usage as we continue to grow in the RV area. Our hook-ups are limited.  Most parking spots will have electricity available if you bring a long extension cord; however, we ask that you do not use your A/C as that would overload our system.  We do not have the large 30 amp RV electrical outlets, so please bring an adapter to adapt to a regular outlet. If you have need of your heater please be prepared to use your propane heater and not your electric heater.  This also applies to your water heater.  We should have enough electrical power to run your fans if all are frugal with their electrical use. I am sure we can keep your fresh water tanks full, but you will probably not be able to have full-time hook-up to water. It is a good idea to bring a “Y” to split off of a water valve.  Dumping – The usual way to dump your black water tank will be for you to move your RV to my dumping station about 100 yards from where the RVs are parked. Some spots will have the ability to dump their gray water onto the ground where they are parked, but please check with someone first as it is important for it to be drained in the drainage ditch.  There is a portable dump tank available, and you can support a Growing in Torah Student for a modest gift of $50 to utilize it, so you do not have to move your RV.


There are showers available, but limited hot water, so be prepared to take super short showers to conserve hot water.  There is always a hose available……..if you are not laughing, see “Hotels” above :).


There are a couple of Laundromats available only a few minutes away from camp. We do have a limited number of washer/dryer units available near the women’s shower area which you are asked to use only if absolutely necessary.  There is a clothes line available, and is the preferred method of drying.

What to Bring:

Tent or RV or materials to build a Sukkah (during Sukkot), sleeping bags, blankets, pillows, flashlights, Bibles, notebooks, pens/pencils, games, toiletries, towels, washcloths, snacks, plates, bowls and eating utensils, coolers, insect repellent, sunblock, lawn chairs, folding tables (if you have them it would help).  It’s also a great idea whenever you go camping to bring a first aid kit for those minor cuts and scrapes.  That will help lighten the load of our medical team!


We are planning to have a marketplace available for people to purchase from musicians and participants. Times will be announced at the event.

Other Needs:

If you are a person who is gifted with working with children, there is always a big need for activities (crafts, games, etc.) for them.  The same applies with youth. We always have a great time with skits and family fun, so if you have any ideas please let us know.  It is always so wonderful to see people pitching in with all kinds of talents.  Please email us at  to let us know in advance what you have so we can try to work it into the schedule.  One of the great things about our Mo’edim celebrations is seeing people come, bringing what they have to offer, and not just sitting back wanting to be “entertained”.


The best way to reach us is via email at ; however, if you need to call/text, we can be reached at 559-859-4511/12.

Mo’edim Rules

  • YHWH is in charge.  Under YHWH, the property owners are in charge and have the final say in all disputes.  The property owners choose to rely on the eldership of HRBS.
  • Parents, you are responsible for your children (teens included) at all times.  Please do not assume others will “watch” your children.
  • Parents and their children (including teenagers), who are camping in separate tents, should set up their tents near each other.
  • Except for family members, persons of the opposite sex should not be in a tent or RV together.
  • Consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 is prohibited at all times.  There will be no alcohol permitted in the common areas.
  • Everyone should be dressed appropriately and modestly at all times.
  • There will be an 11:00 P.M. curfew for the children (17 and under). All children up past 11 will be sent back to their tent unless they have a parent or designated adult supervising.
  • Kids and Teens should only be by the fire pit or under the main tent after 11PM with their parent or designated adult in visual range.
  • NOISE: If you are a light sleeper we strongly suggest that you bring earplugs or possibly earphones for “white noise”.  We are a compact group and it is impossible to have true “quiet zones” during this time of rejoicing and celebration although we will do our best.  The “quiet zones” will be the area South (quiet) and East (buffer zone) of the main house. RVer’s wishing to have a quiet zone need to park on the East side of property as room permits.
  • Non-Family young people of the opposite sex should never be off by themselves.
  • Displays of affection between non-married individuals should be very limited, i.e. hugging etc. needs to be limited and appropriate (“side-hugging”).
  • Please do not allow your children to wander off the property at any time without an adult.  The road can be dangerous since it is a country road with vehicles traveling at high speed.
  • Park only in designated spaces, (north side of creek) unless loading or unloading.
  • Those in an RV should not use their air conditioner at any time or you will blow the circuits. Gas heaters are OK.
  • Showers – People who have to go to work or school have priority in the mornings.  Showers should be VERY short.
  • RV dumping all liquids into the RV tote.  If you are not absolutely sure how to use it please get help from a GITer so we don’t have any spills.
  • No swimming or wading in pond.
  • Keep pets on leash or penned in.   Pet potty areas are in the field away from camp area.   Pets of any kind are not allowed in common areas. (Kitchen & Tent)
  • Kitchen– Nobody is allowed in the kitchen area unless you are on duty.

Quadrant Leaders – For all spiritual and problem issues please go to your quadrant leaders – red flags.   Wives to husbands etc.

Mo’edim Dress Code


  • All clothing should be worn so that undergarments are completely covered.
  • Please, no bare midriffs, open back dresses, or revealing neck lines that reveals any cleavage.
  • Please, no “yoga” style skin tight pants
  • Shorts, dress, and skirt length should be modest, which for our Mo’edim means at least midway between the inseam and knee for shorts and at least to the bottom of the knee for skirts.
  • If you are planning on dancing please wear loose fitting pants, or full length skirts, or knee length skirts over leggings that come down well below the bottom of the skirt.


  • Pants are for covering undergarments, please do not wear loose jeans that come down and reveal the top of your underwear or wear jeans with large holes in them that reveal your underwear.  Also skin tight pants and shirts should also be avoided.
  • Shirts should be worn at all times.  Please do not wear any very loose fitting tank tops.


  • Appropriate sleepwear and robes should be worn to and from the bathrooms when visiting them in the morning and at night.