Sukkot Conference

Sukkot is a time of celebration, and here are some of the fun activities we have planned for our Feast of Tabernacles.

The Cook Off

This event is a highlight night! So many wonderful chefs compete graciously to share their food with the camp, and last year the people’s choice was a hit!

Here’s the Rules:

  1. You may use any means to cook your food item(s). However, we encourage all to use a Fire pit*
  2. Three (3) items of food max. per Participant/Team per plate (One plate only allowed)
  3. One plate per Judge please (Items may be small portions). There will be 5 Judges present
  4. You may choose Entrée or dessert or both (remember Rule 2)
  5. Judging will be done on the overall plate – Not on an individual item basis
  6. Beverage:
    1. You may use any means to create your beverage**
    2. Three (3) beverages only allowed to be entered**
    3. One sample of each beverage per judge please (only a small amount necessary—1 to 2 oz.) There will be 5 judges present**
    4. Beverages can be whatever you choose: mixed drinks, wines, blends, brews, homemade concoctions, etc.**
    5. Judging will be done on the overall beverages**

    The Winner of the Cook Off will claim bragging rights and the Official Golden Spatula Trophy.

We would like to invite you to partake in this magnificent event!

This Cook-Off is full of opportunity for great fellowship, good ole competition and awesome food!

During the Feast of Sukkot there will be one night for everyone and anyone to participate in this Cook-Off.

Whether you choose to be one of the competitors, follow the judges around campsite to campsite partaking in the delicious food, or decide to be a “People’s Judge” you’re bound to have a blast!!

A recent addition to this fun event: The Crystal Glass Trophy “Beverage Competition.” Many, over the past few years, have created homemade brews, mixed drinks and wines that were accents to the delicious food for the Cook Off. We have decided to integrate this into the fun of the night. All types of beverages are welcome!

We love families having fun together, and last year we had so much fun with our own fair, we want to do it again this year. We need your brilliant ideas for how we can bless our children (and adults) with a fun time, serving each other.

Family Fun Fair

Our young ones having fun is such a great way to fellowship with everyone! We’ll need help to plan booths like corn hole, a cupcake walk, face painting, bean bag toss, or anything else You can plan up! We need your ideas to make this event fun and fruitful! Prizes are a blessing, and you could bring some for our children!

Skit Day

Scripture is so important, and we can learn valuable lessons when we try and tell the story ourselves. Your family or fellowship can perform a biblically based skit to share one afternoon, for a time of great fun and feeding the “sheep” too.

We love interactive learning here on the farm! Bring your biblical lessons of the year and share them with us in a skit!

In order to support Growing In Torah,  fund raisers will be held throughout Sukkot. Like last year, we will be selling raffle tickets for a fun-filled drawing! We will also be holding a silent auction for specialty items. Please consider bringing donations for each of these fundraisers.
Raffle details and Prize Ideas (If you have something else to bring, please do!)
Tickets will be sold for $1 each for items that are valued at $5 to $20. Ticket prices: $1 each, $5 for 6 tickets, $10 for 15 tickets, $20 for 25 tickets. We will sell tickets throughout Sukkot and do the drawings for prizes during skit productions. That means you must be present to win something like this…

Fundraiser Raffle

Support GIT and share in the fun! Being a part of community is a bigger blessing than we realize sometimes.

Gift cards for common shops or on-line stores such as a Local Coffee Shop, Jamba Juice, In-N-Out, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart, etc., Board Games, Family friendly movies, Snacks/Candy bags, Crocheted wash rags w/homemade soap, Essential Oil samples, Box of cake mix w/kitchen gadgets, Small Spa Basket, Coloring books (children’s and/or adult’s) w/pens, pencils, crayons, Bag/box of cookies and packets of hot cocoa mix, Crackers, jams/jellies, cheese, Manicure set in jar, Garden tools and flower seed packets, Etc.
Silent Auction Details and Suggestions (If you have something else to bring, please do!)
Silent auction items valued at $25 or more will be displayed at various times throughout the week. Each item will have a bid number and minimum/opening bid price on a sheet of paper. Bidders will write their name, cell phone number and bid on the Bid Sheet. The minimum bid increase will be $1. Items will be considered “sold” when either (1) it is evident that the last bid will not be challenged, or (2) someone makes a Guaranteed Purchase (found on the bottom of each Bid Sheet with a final sale price).
Wine/alcohol, chocolate, gourmet food, beauty products, Skate board, Sports memorabilia, Power tools, Clothes store gift cards, Small electronics or gaming supplies, Home appliances, Gift Basket, Restaurant dining experience, theme park passes, hot air balloon ride, movie tickets, theatre tickets, concert tickets, Collectibles, celebrity merchandise, artwork, jewelry, toys, Essential oil sets, etc.

Paint Night

Enjoy the great adventure with fellow paint-n-sippers! Fundraising proceeds will go to Growing in Torah.

The wonderfully talented Sarah Edwards is teaching a paint night to help raise funds for Growing In Torah during Sukkot. It is going to be Sukkah themed, more info coming soon!

There is also plenty of room and time to fellowship however you like! We’ve got ping pong tables, a few board games, and many people bring some from home! Card games are a camp favorite too.

Fellowship Downtime

We can study scripture together, or just sit and chat over a meal, in order to edify our brothers and sisters!

Hike to Panoramic Point

We also take a field trip up to the Sequoia National Park and take in the view from Panoramic Point. We like to carpool, and its a great way to get to know new people!

Join us on a very easy hike (with a wheelchair trail) up to Panoramic Point in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest.

Leading the way through music, Rod Woodruff of Oye Israel will be worshipping with us.

Music Leader

Rod Woodruff

Rod Woodruff of Oye Israel will be leading the musical worship once again for us at Sukkot!

Amazing gRace

Need To Know

The First Annual Amazing gRace –

Family Edition


Your Family is your team, there will be games, obstacles, riddles and fun to be had for all ages during the gRace. Doesn’t matter the size or age of your family, everyone is welcome to participate in this fun event.


It’s a gRace around the farm for fun and a Prize for the first two family teams to cross the finish line.

***teams must wear a unifying color shirt, bandanna or hat***

**Extra points given for creativity and Team spirit**


Starting line is at the Main tent. Meet there for rules, instructions, and Q & A at 3:30.


Wednesday October 7th, gRace starts at 4:00pm sharp, be at main tent at 3:30pm prepared to participate in full team gear and foot wear. There will be no additional time given after 4pm at which time gRace will begin promptly.

First Annual Amazing gRace, Family Edition!